You’re Not an Imposter

You’re Not an Imposter

One of the most talented, hardest working, and killer creative professionals I know, recently said this…

“I’m really wrestling through some insecurities. I feel like an imposter, like why would they want my perspective and guidance on something so significant.”

This isn’t an intern.

It’s a world-class pro whose work makes jaws drop and tears flow.

But that whisper is real. The one that says…

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“If they really knew…”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

“You suck. And your work sucks.”

Ever-critical, ever-present, ever-shameful.

The hard part, is there’s likely some semblance of truth in that voice. So to deny it altogether seems to be insufficient.

But accepting it as your identity isn’t helpful either, because it’s not fully true.

Maybe, it’s in the voicing of the whispers, the acknowledgement of the spin cycle it puts us in, and the embracing of the deeper truth is the path forward.

Because you’re not an imposter. Even if it feels that way.

You do have what it takes. Your unique perspective is needed. You bring great value and insight to the table.

Your doubts and insecurities make sense, but they’re not the fullest expression of you.

So don’t let them win. Or take away your voice.

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