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You Can’t See the Opportunities from the Shore

About this time two years ago, the wheels were in motion for me to quit my job and test the waters of entrepreneurship.

It’s a much longer story that I’ll unpack here over time because many voices and conversations led to the launch, but I wanted to share one quick piece of advice from a good friend.

A friend I worked with for years set his own sail on the seas of small business building years before I did.

As I shared with him my fears and hesitations of quitting a tremendous job that supported our family of 7, the one with great benefits, a solid paycheck every two weeks and security as long as I was performing, he made this comment I’ll never forget:

“You’ll never know the opportunities that exist on the seas while you’re standing on the shore. You have to get out in the water to experience them.”

That’s not a call to quit a job without a plan, be unwise or do something stupid (all of which I’ve done before), but it is a call to trust that if there’s a deep stirring to do something meaningful, you have to get off the safety of the sand and into the roaring waters of the sea.

Has it been easy? Heck no.

Have the waters been calm? Not very many days.

But have the opportunities been abundant? More than I could have expected.

My buddy Brian was right.

The seas are stormy at times, but it’s a journey you can’t ever imagine from the shore.

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