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Will You Guide Me?

A couple weeks ago, our team shared a thoughtful, caring idea with a client. One they’d worked on for some time, but frankly, one they were somewhat hesitant to share.

In the event it would be too expensive.

Or it would be rejected.

The client, kindly, and humbly, said, “I don’t really know, will you guide me?”


Yes, is the answer.

It’s our job. More than our job, it’s our privilege.

To guide the waters. To help show the way. To invite into a better story.

Do we do it perfectly?

You already know the answer to that.

But, ultimately, the guiding is all in an attempt to help our clients see who it is that THEY’RE guiding.

Their team. Their clients. Their prospects.

No one wants to be told. No one wants to be sold.

But we’re all looking for guides…

To find the pockets of water where the fish are.

To navigate the surging seas.

To get us into a big one, and then hand over the pole to give someone else the thrill of the catch.

It’s pretty magical when you watch a good guide at work…

“Hey Si, fish on little man…”

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