Why Not Us? Why Not Now?

Why not us?

Why not now?

How to fight the imposter…

These questions got posed internally a few different times over the last week.

The practical, factual, grounded, logical, frontal lobe answers to those questions are…

Well, there are no good answers.

It’s all possible.

But the fearful, shameful, insecure, doubting, very human, but very lizard part of our brain makes up a million answers…in a damn second.

A split of a second, actually.

– You’re stupid
– You’re too young
– You’re too old
– Your idea sucks
– You suck
– Everyone else is better
– You don’t know what the hell you’re doing
– Shut up
– What if they know the truth?
– You’re soooooo bad

The imposter runs way faster than Tyreek Hill.

His whispers are far louder than the most terrifying scream.

His lies feel more grounded than gravity.

But, it doesn’t make them true.

And guess what?

While you are being sabotaged internally…

So are the rest of us.

Playing the same tired tapes and tracks.

He’s a really human part of all us.

Meant to protect us.

Meant to fight, flight, freeze, or freak the hell out at the first sign of danger.

Keeping us stuck, hidden, and small.

Acknowledge the imposter.

Accept him.

Just don’t let him call the next shot.

The brave road beckons.

Why not us?

Why not now?

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