When Passion + Promise + Purpose Collide

Hang around marketers or agencies long enough, and you’re bound to hear something about a Brand Promise.

It’s a beautiful premise.

And yet, I think it’s incomplete.

Here’s the thing about “brands”. They’re created by, led by, marketed by, and represented by the humans who work there.

Sure, your brand should promise its customers something. And deliver on that promise.

But, in our experience, telling stories on behalf of wonderful “brands”, it’s the humans who provide the path.

And if the humans are missing one of two other P’s, a brand can “promise” all it wants, but ultimately, its messages will fall short, and sound hollow.

Toss in a little passion, sprinkle in some purpose, mix it with promise, and then get out of the way.

Promise and purpose without passion will fizzle out.

Passion and promise without purpose will drift off course.

Any of them on their own will cause a spark, but never a roaring fire.

Stated more simply.

Purpose = your brand’s why.

Promise = your brand’s how.

Passion – your brand’s who.

Isn’t the same true for individuals? As we seek to have impact, influence, and income?

Let purpose, promise, and passion be your guide.

📸 credit: a dear friend who lives out all three daily

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