What’s Coming At Us This Week

What’s Coming At Us This Week

Depending on our mindset, here’s what’s coming at us this week:

– Dread 
– Bare minimum effort to stay under the radar and off the hook
– A hidden voice and perspective 
– Apathy until 5pm Friday or the Super Bowl
– Envy for someone else’s life or perceived success 
– Avoidance of the important in exchange for some semblance of being busy
– Distraction, task switching, and shallow work

Or perhaps, at times, if we’re brave enough:

– Take agency and giving ourselves the permission to go for it
– Tell the whole truth 
– Walk one tiny step forward 
– Accept and love our self
– Stay present and aware in the moments
– Take action for someone else’s benefit 
– Say sorry for the times we’re destined to blow it because we’re human

The winds are coming at us regardless.

Guess we get a say in how we view all the turbulence.

And what we do about this one beautiful life we have.

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