What Will They Say?

Attending end of life services are always sad, hopeful, sobering, terrific moments of perspective and reflection…

Today’s series of questions is in honor of a wonderful man and family friend. May his soul rest in peace, and may his family be comforted.

What will they say?

When they greet your loved ones?

When they tell stories about you?

When they cry, or laugh in your absence?

That you went for it?

That you held back?

That you stayed hidden and small?

That you lived a great story?

That you put others first?

That your dreams died alongside you?

That they thought you’d have more time?

More conversations?

More chances?

That you made a massive impact?

A huge difference?

You inspired them?

Or that you took your secrets and the deepest parts of you to the grave?

That they wish they would have made one more call?

Sent one more text?

Said sorry?

That you were courageous?



That love will be your legacy?

That you left this place better than you found it?

And left us better for knowing you?

That the best is yet to come?

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