What Unnecessary Gear Are You Carrying?

I’m sure I have hiking metaphors on the mind because we have a work project taking place in the Rockies.

Although I’m super bitter about not being in the Rockies on said project, I did receive a bunch of video and photo updates this weekend that included mountains and dogs and sunsets and packs.

And they were beautiful.

There’s always this fine balance with what to take on a hike.

Not enough, and you’ll have big regrets.

Too much, and you’re weighed down the entire time.

As we enter this short work week, I’m curious what we’re carrying that we don’t need to any longer.

What crap have we stuffed in the bottom of our packs that aren’t going to serve us along the journey?

What beliefs, habits, and baggage only exist to torment us and weigh us down?

What are you carrying with you into the week that would be better off left by the trailhead?

Your belief that there isn’t enough?

Your assumption that the world is out to get you?

Your anxiety that it’s all up to you?

Your fear that you’ll fail? Or that you’ll succeed?

Your avoidance of the one conversation or project that you know you need to face?

Your secrets, sidesteps, white lies and other non-truths?

Your discouragement and despair because your dreams lay dormant?

Your frustration that someone else calls the shots for your life?

Your unwillingness to step into the power, beauty, and agency of the story of your life?

Your blame, resentment, and unforgiving attitude?

Your belief that someone needs to give you permission to go for it?

It’s easier to acknowledge these than discard them, sure.

But perhaps, it’s also easier to hold onto them and use them as a crutch on the climb as well.

Even though they’re heavy as hell.

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