What if They Knew?

The real, raw, authentic you?

What you really think?

That you were terrified?

About your insecurity?

Your deepest longings?

Your deepest secrets?

What you were up against?

What you were running from?

What made you come alive?

The anxiety you were dealing with?

The dreams you stuff under the pillow?

How you blew it?

How you went for it?

Why you said what you said?

Who you want to become?

Where you’re holding yourself back?

That you want to lead?

That you feel like an imposter?

That you’re making it up as you go?

That you think everyone else has it figured out?

You believe you don’t have what it takes?

You desperately want their approval?

You know their approval is hollow?

What you want to chase?

What you want to create?

You have a song to sing?

You want to make the world feel something?

The truth?

The real, raw, strong, scared, powerful, hesitant, anxious, beautiful, vulnerable, terrified you?

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