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What I Wish I’d Learned About Problem Solving in My 20’s

No Skill: Cause lots of problems. Be unaware of the problems you’re creating. Drain value. Chief Mess Maker.

Entry-Level Skill: See a problem, bitch about the problem. Don’t have any ideas about the solution. Wait for someone to fix it. Chief Finger Pointer.

Attakid-Level Skill: See a problem, recommend a solution. Take responsibility to see it through. Chief Team Player.

Graduate-Level Skill: See lots of problems, identify root causes of the symptoms presenting as problems. Take responsibility for the system, lead through the changes. Chief Responsibility Officer.

Guide-Level Skill: Anticipate problems before they’re burning. And then tend to the emotions of those able to lead from a strong, secure, proactive place. Chief Sherpa.

Seems the work of anticipation and tending to leaders we’re developing is the real problem leaders like us should work on solving.

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