Justin Ricklefs


What Bullshit Do You (and I) Believe?

There’s not enough?

You’re not enough?

It’s too hard?

It’s already been done?

It’s not worth it?

It’s not fair?

When will it be easy?

Why did they get so lucky?

Everyone else has it figured out?

You’re a victim?

You’re the hero?

There’s a shortcut?

Your story doesn’t matter?

Your dreams will never come true?

Your darkest parts should never see the light of day?

No one will hang around if they do?

You have to always know the answer?

You have to always look the part?

Don’t show weakness?

Insecurities are meant to be hidden?

Stuff your feelings, especially your fear?

It’s never going to work?

No one will understand?

No one will care?

You’re on an island?

You can’t tell the truth?

Just sit down, shut up, and settle?

Seems like bullshit to me.

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