Justin Ricklefs


What Are You Grateful For Today?

The hard things?

The challenging things?

Or just the easy things?

The rain?

The storms?

Or just the sun?

The setbacks?

The roadblocks?

Or just the successes?

The pain?

The trauma?

Or just the happiness?

The failures?

The missteps?

Or just the sure footing?

The mundane?

The monotonous?

Or just the social media worthy snapshots?

The struggles?

The losses?

Or just the triumphs?

The tricky relationships?

The “they don’t see me” friendships?

Or just the surface ones?

The treacherous terrain?

The harrowing journey?

Or just the comfortable destination?

The uncertainties?

The unknowns?

Or just the guarantee of safety?

The grimaces?

The grittiness?

Or just the smiles?

What today actually looks like?

What this second actually offers?

The gift of the moment?

The promise of the present?

Or are you more ungrateful for what it actually looks like, escaping mentally to some past regret, future fear, or some other hijacked moment in time?

Seems like, with the right perspective, this very moment offers plenty to be grateful for…

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