The War on Work

Command + Tab.

For Macbook users, that shortcut is likely programmed into your brain as deeply as riding a bike.

It’s the magical combination that allows you to change worlds from one digital distraction to the next.

Email in Chrome.

Command + Tab.

Slack channels with endless notifications!

Command + Tab.

That Google Slide presentation that needs to be perfected.

Command + Tab.

iMessages! All the texts that are soooo urgent.

Command + Tab.

Ugh, the accounting work that can probably wait another day.

Command + Tab.

Some new emails! Wait, hope it’s not a big fire.

Command + Tab.

News. Destruction. Distraction. Division.

Command + Tab.

Where’s the damn Zoom invite? Wait, it’s WebEx? Well, gonna have to apologize for being a minute late…

You get the picture.

If you’re anything like me, Command + Tab is as well worn a path as the dead grass that leads to the trampoline in our backyard.

Toggling that combo from one screen, app, platform to the next.

On one hand waiting for something to pop in, and on the other, avoiding the deep and meaningful work that sits there, quietly whispering for my focus.

Don’t Command + Tab your life away, feeling busy.

Fight for the time, space, and focus to do work that moves major mountains instead.

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