The Treasure of Time

Pay attention to what you say today about time. Or observe what your colleagues, friends, or family say about it.

“There aren’t enough hours in the day.”

“I’m running a few minutes late.”

“I’m sooooo busy and overwhelmed, my time is just so compressed.”

“I’m running out of time to meet this deadline.”

“I wasted all that time.”

I’ve said all of those, probably yesterday alone.

The funny thing about time, is it doesn’t really care whether we use it abundantly or fearfully. Proactively or reactively. For progress or to disconnect.

It just keeps methodically marching.

Second by second.

Doesn’t the time you invest directly show you what you treasure most?

Talk about writing a book but watch Netflix instead?

Think about setting aside time to workout but crush take out at the desk again?

Tell a friend you’ll carve out time to call but scroll social media instead?

Tell your spouse you’ll be emotionally present and connected but keep a close eye on that email?

Our time tells us what we treasure.

I’ve certainly traded my time for short-term, high-stress, big-drama moments more times than I’d care to admit.

But as it keeps ticking, I’m starting to see the treasure that lies in investing my time into the areas with richer payoffs.

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