The Trappings of Mentality

The Trappings of Mentality

Our house backs to some woods. Frankly, the house itself wasn’t what we fell in love with, it was the lot.

We’re super lucky. There’s a little creek. Tons of deer. The occasional creepy coyote or possum. Birds galore. It’s a lovely little setting for the middle of the country.

One morning, we went into the garage and there was stuff everywhere. Crap torn out of the trashcans, little pieces of the rubber seal of the garage door torn apart. Footprints all over the cars.


That’s a raccoon emoji.

Somehow, he’d found his way inside. I’m sure to scavenge for food or find a warmer bed.

The annoying part is he didn’t leave. For days.

Even with an entire world to explore, he chose to hide in our walls.

I went and bought (and baited) a trap. We never caught him, but we’re pretty certain he got out. We hope at least.

His presence made me think.

Don’t we settle for the trappings of comfort inside our hidden walls?

Don’t we ignore the world of the possible for the security of streaming TV shows?

Doesn’t our mentality crave courage, but we cope instead?

Maybe the garage door of our lives is cracked open just enough for us to step out into the wilderness….

And leave the traps behind.

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