The Stewards of One of America’s Finest Stories

A Story About My Friends Bob and Kiona

“Let’s just record it on the Field of Legends, here at the Museum.”

The email popped in.


Getting to know Bob Kendrick, Kiona Sinks, and the team at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum has been one of the brightest spots for me in the midst of such a trying and tumultuous start to the 2020’s.

Growing up loving baseball more than anything, I idolized the Royals’ players of the 80’s and 90’s.

Bo. George. Frank. Willie. Bret. Hal.

As a kid though, I had little concept of the hard, ugly, unfair, miles walked by those brave men (and women) who had played before them.

Jackie. Satchel. Bullet. Cool Papa. Turkey. Toni. Mamie. Connie. Buck.

“Dad, that’s so unfair, how was it ever like that,” my own baseball-loving son nearly cried while watching Chadwick play Jackie in 42, as the Monarchs were refused entry into all-white establishments.

As we all know, so much has changed. And yet, there’s still so much work to be done.

I’m indebted to the wisdom, grace, generosity, and storytelling of my friends in this podcast, recorded on the Holy Ground of the Field of Legends.

The stewards of this story, as they navigate the paradox of nostalgia and relevance, will change you.

Their stories changed me.

Listen to the podcast here.

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