The Secret Ingredient to Success

Of course, there isn’t one.

But a core ingredient that must be in the recipe: service.

Not check the box, kinda be annoyed, but make the boss happy, kind of service.

But proactive, caring, others-first service.

Story time.

I didn’t intend to, but I derailed our quarterly planning meeting. We were talking about KPI’s, and content calendars, and other important stuff.

But his eyes kept lighting up when he was talking about his team, the way they care, their commitment to excellence, and the feeling his clients have.

Happy, relieved, grateful.

“Dude, you have a book in you. One about running an exceptional service company…” I hijacked. “It sucks that it’s so rare, but it is. And y’all are rare.”

I deserved an eye roll from our team, even if they were kind enough not to do it.

A book wasn’t in the plan.

But we’ve watched this team for the last 18 months, consistently deliver exceptional service.

Time after time. House after house.

It’s no secret they’re booked solid for months.

It’s no secret their reviews are sky high.

It’s no secret they don’t have to do high pressure sales and marketing.

It’s no secret that Chad, Toska, and the Unique Painting crew have a book to write.

So we can all learn the secret of service.

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