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“The only thing that happens on the back burner is…shit gets burned.” – Matt Read

We hired Matt to help us navigate a stretch in our story.

It was time, money, and energy well spent.

After our session, he sent me a long text. Giving me my specific homework.

And some direct counsel.

“Don’t get too busy and fail to prioritize this. This is important. Don’t put it on the back burner and say you’ll get to it later.”

And then, the money line.

“The only thing that happens on the back burner is…shit gets burned.”


I needed to hear it. I needed to be reminded. But more than that, I just needed to do it.

I needed to focus.

I needed to keep it on the front burner.

It’s so easy to slide the important, meaningful parts of our stories to the back burner.

Get to our health later.

Get to our relationships later.

Get to our dreams later.

Get to deep work on powerful projects later.

Get to, well, ourselves later.

Despite our incredible intentions, it’s hard to reach over the boiling pot of busyness, and the simmering stew of survival to get to those pesky back burners.

So let’s turn them off, and gradually bring the back burner stuff to the forefront.

To our awareness.

To our focused presence.

To the front burners.

Where shit get to cooking.

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