The One Skill I’d Tell An Intern To Learn

In my early 30’s, a group of interns asked me for one piece of advice.

I told them to: give a big damn.

In my early 40’s, here’s how I’d answer that.

I’d still say give a big damn.

First and foremost.

But then I’d tell them that becoming a terrific, professional writer is the single most important skill to develop.

For a knowledge professional, in this economy, in this era, I’d argue there’s no skill more valuable.

Think about it.

How many words do you think you read each day?

Likely a ton.





Social media.

Captions on videos.




The list goes on.

Well written, thoughtful, engaging, strategic, educational, others-focused, professional, timely, caring, wise, sincere, authentic, helpful, holistic, trust-building writing is a G A M E  C H A N G E R compared to its opposite.

It doesn’t have to be formal.

It doesn’t have to be laced with big words.

It doesn’t have to be lengthy.

But if it connects, adds value, and makes the reader’s life better A N D you give a big damn, whoa.

Watch out world, you’ll have it by the tail in no time.

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