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The Numbing of Our Dreams

“Before the pandemic, were our calendars this full…” I asked one of our clients, as we wrapped up a call.

It was in response to her saying she was running to a few more meetings after ours ended. Our time together, just one of many commitments in a jam-packed day.

Yeah, I think it was…” she replied.

“Welp, better run. Gotta jump on the next call….” I ended.

Even on days when the Zooms, and Teams, and Webexes, and Google Meets aren’t stacked up one after the next, I think we’re all feeling the frenetic and frenzied pace.

“How have y’all been?” a friend’s daughter asked Brooke and me at a smoothie shop last weekend.

“We’re super busy,” were the first words out of my mouth.


How lame.

Is that the definition of a meaningful life?


Here’s the weird thing.

We’d just finished a low key and quiet dinner, where we sketched out some dreams for a new project.

We made space for it.

But as soon as we paid the tab, the busyness flooded back in, back to the frenzy.

Those dreams of ours that are dying to poke their heads out aren’t going to come to life easily.

Especially when we keep numbing them with our busyness.

We’ll have to fight like hell to make the space for them to see the surface.

Welp, better run…


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