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The Cubicle You’re Living In

There’s nothing inherently wrong with cubicles. They’re efficient uses of space, they allow for open access, easy conversation, etc.

But metaphorically, they’re, well…most probably don’t think of freedom, creativity, and harmony when the image of a cubicle enters their brain.

“The cubicle you’re living in is your own story…” said Zach Bush, MD, on the Rich Roll podcast (sure you’ve heard me fan boy this show before).

I stopped, mid-run, to jot down the phrase.

I’ll speak for me, but I imagine it resonates for you, too.

The constraints, restrictions, limiting beliefs, fears, concerns, worries, blame, victim mindset, jealousy, shame, need for permission, need for approval, and the other trappings and fixings of the ego, keep us imprisoned in our own personal cubicles.

We choose to stay confined.

But the beauty about a cubicle design?

If we want, we can flee through the open side, tell the ego to stay seated in that grey box, and open ourselves to possibility, wonder, relationship, responsibility, acceptance, love, purpose, joy, and initiative.

Those old tapes are hard to untangle though, huh?

But maybe it’s worth paying attention to the ways we keep mindlessly sliding ourselves back into the cubicle life of our own story.

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