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The Craving of Connection

We rolled into their swanky office in the Crossroads on a Tuesday evening.

After a year of Google Meets, it was great seeing the Built Interior Construction team in person, in their element.

They create some of the best environments, and their own digs are no exception.

The evening was an invitation.

For their colleagues to come sit, have a conversation about the state of the industry, and identify projects to partner on potentially.

The piles of Jack Stack and small pours of whiskey contributed, but it was beautiful to witness what happened.

Yes, there were conversations about work, offices, and that kind of stuff.

But right under that surface was this obvious and wonderful need to connect.

To hear and be heard. To know and be known. To offer and receive connection.

The pent up demand for it was only second that evening to the times I refilled my plate with baked beans.

Zoom fatigue. Digital distraction. Relational erosion. Individual isolation. The energy of anxiety.

Y’all felt any of that the past year, or just me?

So to gather around a table again, socially distant of course, reminded me of the beauty that belongs to humanity.

And the connection that results from this wonderful craving.

Mind passing me the baked beans?

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