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TGIF – But What About The Other Days?

The rumblings start about Wednesday every week.

Big plans for the weekend? Man, I can’t wait for Friday night. This week is taking forever.

The anticipation is always more satisfying than the weekend itself. The dread of it ending always more dreadful than the new week beginning.

The reality is that Friday is a precious gift. Each breath we have today is precious.


But Fridays will only make up 1/7 of our lives. The weekend only 2.5/7th (I clearly made that fraction up).

What if we started to reclaim meaning in the rest of our days too? Realizing that each one of those moments is a gift.

Like Tuesday night at 8pm when the kids need one more drink of water and all I want to do is “unwind”? Or Thursday morning at 6am when I hit snooze instead of reading that book or going on that run?

Or the commute time when I listen to sports talk or Taylor Swift instead of that audio book or podcast? Or the 30 minutes I’m “killing” in between kids’ activities or meetings and by “killing” I mean play Crossy Road, AA or scroll through Instagram and Twitter?

Or how about the “would you like to watch the next episode” Netflix time when my body needs to sleep or I need to initiate a conversation with Brooke? Or maybe the Monday mid-afternoon wall I hit and I think another cup of coffee will “get me through”.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Today is a gift.

We all say it, but do we live like it?

This reality produces a healthy dose of urgency. An urgency calling us to pursue the meaningful and the significant.

The charge isn’t “go be perfect in all your hours of every day” – that’s impossible and it leads to shame.

But I am saying that hump day is to be celebrated as much as Saturday. Monday afternoon as much as Friday night. Tuesday morning as much as TGIF.

Because each of those moments is a gift.

Let’s live every day, not simply for the weekend.

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