Surf or Shrivel?

“She’s dying there.”

“It’s a place devoid of soul.”

“I did nothing meaningful all day except try to find the end of the internet and wait until 5:00.”

“My people need to check all that personal shit at the door each morning.”

I’ve heard each of these phrases recently.

Fascinating descriptions, huh?

Which make me ponder…

Aren’t we, as human beings, created for something more than the 5:00 bell?

Aren’t we designed to bring our whole humanity along with us to the office, the grocery store, the living room, the Zoom meeting, and Chick-fil-A?

Do we get a say in creating conditions of our work life that produce purpose, grit, and fulfillment?

Or are just destined for the shriveling of the soul until the white sands of retirement save us?

The wide waves of better ways to work, and therefore live, seem to be upon us.

Guess we get to choose if we surf or shrivel.

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