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Sing Your Song 🎶

I tell the worst dad jokes.

One, that most of our kids’ friends have heard over the years…

“Hey {insert our son/daughter’s friend’s name}, did {insert embarrassed son/daughter’s name} tell you about American Idol?”

“Umm, no.”

“Hmm, that’s weird. Well…I finished 13th on last year’s show, didn’t quite make the Top 12, but I had a great run. Want to hear me sing my song?”

Massive 🙄 from the backseat.

We don’t watch that show at home, but every Spring Break, when we head to Florida, our kids binge watch it with their grandparents.

Maybe it’s the old, sentimental guy in me, but holy smokes, the stories are incredible.

Young kids overcoming trauma. Single parents going for their dreams. Has-beens that are reinventing.

One young man captured me. A 16-year-old country singer, whose stage voice sounded like an outlaw, but whose real voice was tender.

“I write songs every day. It’s my way to deal. And I hope it makes people feel something.”

It made me think of each of us. Trying to deal. Trying to process. Trying to connect.

If we’re not careful, the song inside of us will stay silent.

The book, the business, the friendship, the education, the blog, the idea.

Don’t let it suffocate.

Sing the song only you can sing. Make us feel something.

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