Saturday’s Question: When Are You At Your Best?

On little sleep?

After scrolling social media?

In the morning?

Between back to back to back to back to back meetings?

When you’re distracted?

When you’re afraid?

After you meditate?

Up against a huge deadline?

When you talk kindly to yourself?

After binge watching TV?

After that third drink?

Or the 7th cup of coffee?

Under a pile of stress?

Or a mountain of shame?

When you’re going 1,000 mph?

When you slow down and go for a walk instead?

Following a good nap?

Following your dreams?

Against your true self?

In pursuit of someone’s approval?

Once you’re focused?

When you’re secure?

Once you care for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually?

After you step out and go for it?

At the expense of others?

At the expense of yourself?

We need you at your best, as often as possible, what conditions need to be consistent to give that reality a better chance?

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