Saturday’s Question: What’s Holding You Back?

From finding your voice?

From sharing your story?

From showing us the real you?

From chasing your dreams?

From going for it?

Is it fear?



Do you need to fit in?

Play a role?

Keep up the charade and veneer?

Are you waiting for permission?

Someone’s approval?

The perfect circumstances?

Do you need to be certain?

Avoid risk at all costs?

Make sure there’s no chance of humiliation, embarrassment, or failure?

Was the same thing holding you back last week?

Last month?

Last year?

Can you name it?

Write it down?

Tell a friend?

What if what’s holding you back has far more power in your mind than it would in reality?

Are the old tapes that play the same old story again and again, true?

Will the gnawing feelings of regret when we near the end be worth it if we keep allowing what’s holding us back, to hold us back?

Or can we bravely take one tiny step forward into the wild frontier today?

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