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Saturday’s Question: What Would It Take For You?

To be the one to go first?

To stop attending pointless meetings?

To stop avoiding the highly important, but not urgent project?

To change, ever so slightly?

To tell the truth?

To say sorry?

To turn off notifications on your phone?

To say no?

To admit you work too much?

To admit you haven’t given work your all?

To step out of the shadows?

To quiet all the noise, so you can listen to the whispers who are ready to shout?

To cut down on the office gossip?

To refuse to participate in office politics?

To take one step forward on a new idea?

To quit something that doesn’t align with who you really are?

To be honest with your feelings at work?

To change your perspective?

To understand someone else’s?

To feel fulfilled?

To realize slowing down may be the way to speed up?

To acknowledge most of us are trying really damn hard to figure out really damn hard situations?

To offer more compassion, gratitude, and wisdom than criticism, negativity, and complaints?

To trust again?

To believe in opportunity and abundance?

To dance with your fear, and then move forward anyway?

To be present today, in all of its complexity and potential?

To care for those around you?

To care for yourself?

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