Saturday’s Question: What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

That you’re too old?

That you’re too young?

That the best days are behind you?

That the best days are yet to come?

That you’re not enough?

That everyone else has it easier?

That it’s not fair?

That it’s too hard?

That you don’t have what it takes?

That you can’t learn?

That you won’t learn?

That something bad is bound to happen?

That it shouldn’t be this difficult?

That all the good ideas are gone?

That you’re an idiot?

That they’re idiots?

That you’ll work hard tomorrow?

That this little lie won’t hurt?

That this big one won’t get found out?

That someone else’s life looks better?

That there’s hope?

That your voice is powerful?

That fear will always hold you back?

That love will make a way?

That no one gives a shit?

That the world is out to get you?

That the world is out for you?

That you need a little more to be happy?

That you have what it takes?

That you are enough?

That you’re an imposter?

That you’re a failure?

That if you put yourself out there, you’ll be rejected?

That if they only knew who you really were….?

That the voices in your head don’t get to call the shots anymore?

That it’s time to tell yourself a new story?

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