Saturday’s Question: What Do You (Really) Want?

A bunch of likes?

A bunch of money?

A steady stream of distraction?

For it to be easy?

For it to be safe?

To make it to Friday?

To keep saying how busy you are?

To keep waiting to be picked?

To keep blaming the (wo)man?

To keep scrolling?

To avoid the scary stuff?

A predictable path?

To hover around the surface?

To keep talking about how it used to be or should be?

To acknowledge you really want something else?

To take responsibility?

To expect abundance?

To live generously?

Deeper meaning?

Deeper purpose?

Honesty in relationships?

To talk about how it is and how it could be?

Show up with who you really are?

Show up again and again so we know we can count on you?

Calmly and consistently take responsibility?

Live with an open-mind, open hands, and an open heart?

Stare the fear in the face?

Look the pain in the eyes?

Keep going anyway?

Create enough little ripples that chart a new course for someone else?

Create something you can be proud of?

Stand up for yourself?

Stand up for someone else?

Live in such a way that inspires others?

Live in such a way that you’re inspired?

Live in such a way that realizes this moment is all we have?

To live a great story?


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