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Saturday’s Question: What Are You Afraid Of?

Jumping out of a plane?

Jumping out of your protected shell?

What they might say?

What they won’t say?


Or maybe worse, succeeding?

Being laughed at?

Being accused?

Being rejected?

Being reminded that your dreams are foolish?

Being encouraged that they’re not?

Living a better story?

Or staying stuck in the one someone else has told for you?

Running out of money?

Running out of time?

Running out of ideas?

Running out of purpose?

Climbing the wrong ladder?

Using it to build a bridge instead?

Being found out?

Being called out?

Being called on?

Taking a big damn chance?

Regretting when you don’t?

Going for it?

Being known?

Like, really known?

Taking a stand?

Using your voice?

Hitting publish?

Slowing down long enough to hear the haunts?

Sitting in silence?

The raging waters?

Realizing fear drives more decisions in your life than love does?

Looking back at the end and wondering what it was exactly that made you so afraid all those decades?

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