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Saturday’s Question: Is It Time? ⏰

Saturday’s Question: Is It Time?

To simplify your life?

To double down on relationships you’ve let drift?

To slow down?

To chase a rainbow (trout)?

To go for it?

To share your story?

To speak up?

To shut up and listen?

To write the business plan?

To borrow the money?

To pay off the debt?

To go for a walk?

To go on a trip?

To write a book?

To turn off notifications?

To quit your job?

To give it your all at your job?

To start a hobby?

To tell fear it doesn’t get to call the shots any more?

To see a therapist?

To hire a coach?

To buy a guitar?

To start a podcast?

To lay off the booze?

To lay off the nachos?

To start a blog?

To say sorry?

To say I love you?

To cause a ruckus?

To create a mutiny?

To quit listening to the voice of shame?

To take back your life?

To consider what you want, like what you really want?

Happy Saturday, is it time?

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