Saturday’s Question: Is It Enough?

How will you know?

Do you still need more?

And then, even more?

What’s the end game?

What will you miss in the chase?

What gets neglected in the hustle?

Is this moment the one that matters?

Or would you rather be in the place your mind is preoccupied with?

Does your anxiety signal your unrest and dissatisfaction?

Or is what you have right now, in this moment, enough?

Or does enough only come when you have the next thing?

And the one after that?

The next like?

The next job?

His job?

Her life?

Their business?

The next tax bracket?

That house?

Is there ever enough?

Or are we missing the enough-ness of each moment, chasing a fleeting version of enough that will never arrive?

Enough of the nonsense already?

Maybe this is enough, right here?

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