Saturday’s Question: How Will You Handle the Storm?

Will you retreat?

Give up?

Give in?

Will you blame?


Make excuses?

Will you get seasick?



Will you miss the land?

Wish for comfort?

Want solid ground?

Will you turn around?

Or steer right into it?

Will you hold your breath?

Resent it?

F-bomb it?

Will you “why me” it?

“Why now” it?

“It’s not fair” it?

Or will you accept it as is?

Find the gift in it?

Find the joy in it?

Find the promise in it?

Find the purpose in it?

Will you keep sailing?

Keep going?

Keep at it?

Will you breathe?

Say thanks?

Open your mind to it?

Will you realize it will pass?

It will teach?

It won’t kill?

Will you remind yourself that it will make you stronger?

More resilient?

More loving?

Will you trust that we’re all going through one?

That you’re not alone?

That it’s not your fault?

Will you quit resisting it and let it do what it needs to do in, and through, you?

Will you sail the sea?

Or sail into the shallow pools of distraction?

Will you come alive?

Or will you try and numb it?

Will you believe the storm is the great storyteller?

That the only way through it is through it?

That on the other side may indeed be your freedom?

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