Saturday’s Question: Do You Have The Gumption?

To take the initiative that’s required?

To take adversity’s best blows and keep swinging?

To stand in the gap for someone else?

To stand into your true self?

To keep going when it feels hopeless?

To quit when it is hopeless?

To have the awareness to know the difference?

To lay breadcrumbs on the trail so we can follow your lead?

To realize the power of your resourcefulness?

To realize the power of your shame?

To believe in the power of your courage?

To understand you have what it takes?

Even when it feels like you’re a fraud?

To admit when you blew it?

To show us your weaknesses?

To show us your guts?

To give it your all?

To put your heart on the line?

To push for a better way?

To pull us along with you?

To create a ripple?

To show up again and again and again and again?

Just so we can count on you?

To do what you say you’re going to do?

To tell us the truth?

So we can trust you?

To look at the hard stuff?

To quit running from the pain?

To not take yourself so seriously?

To jump in with both feet?

To open yourself to another perspective?

To do the thing you said you’d do if you weren’t afraid?

You do?

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