Justin Ricklefs


Saturday’s Question: Can You See?

What’s possible?

What’s holding you back?

How your own baggage is impacting the conversation?

Why you held back?

Why you held on?

Others who could use your encouragement?

How fear is calling the shots?

Problems that need solving?

Ways you need to grow?

Ways you need to be kind to yourself?

A different perspective?

A better way?


What story you’re telling yourself?

What story you could be telling yourself?

How you need to improve?

Where you need to say sorry?

Where you need to take a damn risk and quit playing it safe?

What we need to hear you say?

Why you keep getting stuck?

Why you quit right before the breakthrough?

How you need to repair trust?

The good around you?

Just the bad?

How two different paths might both be right?

The best next step?

The forest or just the trees?

How powerful your story is?

That without clarity, it’s tough to make much progress.

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