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Saturday’s Question: Can You Do It for a Day?

Write in your journal?

Take a walk?

Change the story you tell yourself?

Lay off the booze?

Say no to the sugar?

Go to bed early?

Not check social media right when you wake up?

Do the hard thing first?

Meditate for one minute?

Five minutes?

Learn something new?

Take a brave first step?

Eat a vegetable?

Do 5 pushups?

Text an old friend?

Quit texting a toxic one?

Read for 10 minutes?

Track every dollar you spend?

Say no to a dollar you want to spend?

Tell the truth?

Like the real, no white lie, truth?

Hold your ground?

Be yourself?

Have a boundary?

Forgive a small offense?

Or maybe a bigger one?

Write 50 words?

Or maybe 500?

Pick one small thing instead of being overwhelmed by 1,000?

Can you do it for a day?

If you can, think you could do it again tomorrow?

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