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Run Downhill, Alright?

Alright, alright, alright.

When he popped up on the podcast circuit to promote his new book, I resisted a bit.

With his southern drawl, charm, and curly hair, perhaps I felt a bit insecure. And I think I doubted whether he had much depth to offer.

Shame on me.

If you haven’t read (or better yet – listened to) Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, click the buttons on Amazon ASAP.

A friend encouraged me to listen to one of his podcasts, and then I devoured his book on vacation.

There were plenty of deep truths, and tons of practical points.

But one that’s stuck with us, and given us some common language the last few weeks is McConaughey’s concept of running downhill.

As a kid, it was always the best part of a bike ride. The downhill part.

As an older guy, it’s always the easiest part of a 4-mile run to stay somewhat in shape.

On a ski slope, downhill > cross country all damn day.

In work, life, and relationships, there’s always slog. There’s always going to be strife and struggle.

But when you hit the downhill part, when momentum is with you, when the wind is at your back, RUN!

Don’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Don’t wait for the wind to change direction.

Just enjoy the seconds, or entire seasons, where the livin’ is good.


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