Radical Responsibility VS. Defensive Deflection

Radical Responsibility VS. Defensive Deflection

What skill will you cultivate?

Let’s compare them:

Defensive Deflectors:

  • Make excuses
  • Make up stories
  • Spin
  • Half-truth
  • Avoid tough conversations
  • Blame others
  • Take things super personally
  • Stay small and hidden
  • Identify problems, but don’t anticipate or solve them
  • Live in their ego
  • Live in fantasy and tangled webs of distraction

Radical Responsibility Takers:

  • Take 100% responsibility for their reality
  • Own mistakes
  • Enter the experience of another
  • Absorb blame, while distancing from shame
  • Embrace vulnerability as strength
  • Can be counted on with their word
  • Tell the truth
  • Live into their truer, more authentic self
  • Identify problems and bring creative solutions to life
  • Build trust, and repair it when they break it
  • Become increasingly more aware of self and reality as it is

I won’t speak for you, but I’ll speak from my own personal experience.

I’m a messy mix of both, depending on the day, depending on the context, depending on the state of my soul.

So the real question is:

Which skill will we cultivate?

The courageous work of radically taking responsibility?

Or the easy, ego-filled road of deflection, deferral, and defensiveness?

Everyone near us will feel the impact of our intention.

So choose wisely.

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