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Put On Your Hard Hat

“Oh sh**….”

I screamed that from the top of my lungs and the top of 35 stories in early November.

Milliseconds later, I grabbed the cold metal scaffolding to reassure what I thought was a pending plunge.

We were brainstorming shots to capture from the drone while we worked on a video.

I got excited about a particular shot the actual video pros stated, and so I had to look, over the edge, for myself.

In doing so, I stepped ever so subtly off the makeshift plywood floor, onto the firm (but lower) metal scaffold floor under it.

Have you ever missed the final step on the stairs?

Yep, that feeling.

The half-inch drop, while I was looking out over the ledge triggered the scream.

It was a trick my brain played on me.

As soon as I realized my silliness, and safety, the crew all started dying laughing.

“Who brought this guy up here?”

I still get sh**, from the team, understandably so.

But beyond the humor of the moment, the thing I remember most from that day?

This picture.

A visible reminder to keep putting in work.

I’m clearly not the physical hard hat wearing kind of guy, but the lesson remains.

Keep showing up. Keep doing the work.

And when your brain tells you crazy stuff, find what’s true, and get back after it.

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