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Problems Pave the Possibilities

I remember the massive internal eye-roll I gave him.

Judgmental, critical, self-righteous.

A former colleague of mine, in the middle of a very serious client problem, uttered…

“This is an opportunity for us to learn and get find a solution.”

“Um, no bro, this is a chance for you to blast that dude, we’re in some serious sh**!” – my internal critical spirit contributed. “An opportunity, no, this is a problem.”

He calmly, continued.

Paving the way to help us work through a problem, and reframe it into something more like a possibility.

And that’s exactly what happened.

My coldness began to thaw, and I began to contribute.

The group aligned on a clear plan of attack.

The energy changed from that of fear, blame, and crossed arms to others-first and open-minded.

The problem wasn’t ever really the problem.

The attitude I brought to it was.

Problems, and if you’re alive you have a thousand a day, are more like tiny little invitations.

You can reject them, toss them in the trash, and pout your way to how bad it all is.

Or you can open them and walk into the story they allow us to explore.

Little by little, paving the way for something new to emerge. A new idea, a new connection, a new solution.

What an opportunity.

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