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Play the Long Game

Play the Long Game

“The easy path in the moment, often creates a very tough road ahead. And a tough decision in the moment, often creates an easier path ahead.”

Of course, like everything, it’s never so black and white. So neat and tidy. So controlled and certain.

“I’m sorry I traded in some long term smooth sailing for stuff that felt easier in the moment, but created more challenges in the end.”

I was working my way through an apology, really more of an awareness. As Brooke and I were talking through a book on character she’s reading for her counseling degree, and discussing how the components of character show up everywhere.

At home. At work. In friendships. In marriage. In parenting. In client relationships. In sales meetings. Standing by the mailbox with the neighbor.

The awareness that kept working its way to the surface, like a shell that gets buried in the sand but the waves eventually set it free over time, was this:

Character, integrity, honesty, hard work, and patience will outperform shine, talent, hustle, and dazzle in the long term, without exception.

It’s typically the latter set of components that fuel a manic race of short term decisions that jeopardizes future you’s possibilities.

What and who do you want to become in 50 years?

Play the long game.

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