Pain. Patience. Persistence.

“We bumped and bruised our way along the bottom for a few years…”

I say some version of that when someone asks me to tell the Guild Content story.

One that’s still in our early, formative, figure it out, chapters.

I binge-listened Steven Pressfield’s War of Art this week, and if you’re a creator (Pressfield would argue we’re all creators, but some of us yield to The Resistance and don’t create), it’s a must listen.

He unpacks the centuries old truth that anything of substance comes as a result of enduring pain, employing patience, displaying persistence.

Pain. Patience. Persistence.

Those don’t trend when you read a Top 10 clickbait business article. They’re not the headlines on the latest pop culture relationship advice website. And they don’t sell tons of tickets to self-help conferences.

But if it’s worth doing?

You better believe it’s gonna be painful as hell. It will test every bit of your patience. And if you give in, and quit showing up with some sticktoitiveness (pretty sure my high school football coach coined that term), then your dream will go right back underground where it came from.

If you’re experiencing pain, good.

If your patience is tested, awesome.

If you feel like giving up, keep going.

You got this.

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