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You can expect a daily dose of short stories (and the occasional really long, meandering one) in the messy intersection of entrepreneurship, marketing, personal, family, wellness, and my own path towards living a better story.

Hopefully, something resonates and you find some lesson I’m learning to be helpful on your own journey.

Because Lord knows, I’m still on my own…


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Surf or Shrivel?

“She’s dying there.” “It’s a place devoid of soul.” “I did nothing meaningful all day except try to find the end of the internet and

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Happy + Fulfilled

The things we think will make us happy and fulfilled: – More stuff– More money– Big title– Power and control– No responsibilities– TV– Overeating– Overdrinking–

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Make It Cool To Care

“Make it cool to care.” I’m a few hours into the audiobook binge listen of Unreasonable Hospitality by Will G. Fire recommendation from Brent Beshore in his

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