Justin Ricklefs


On Marketing: More Connecting, Less Convincing.

The path to purchase always goes through the heart.

Not just the head.

As marketers and storytellers, it’s really easy to forget that. We all are running around doing our damnedest to be logical, rational, grounded decision makers.

But, we’re human.

And the beauty (and sometimes terror) of humanity, is that we’re emotional beings.

We have hearts. Souls. Desires. Longings. Fears. Dreams. Aches. Echoes. Whispers. Passions. Hopes. Regrets. Shame. Love.

With any piece of content, any social post, any :30 commercial script, any video edit, take a deep breath, and remember…the human who is about to encounter that thing deeply longs to connect.

We don’t have to shout and convince.

It doesn’t really work anyway. At least not for long.

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