Justin Ricklefs


More Questions. Fewer Answers.

What would it look like for us to answer questions with clarifying questions instead of declarations?

How would others feel if we showed more curiosity and less certainty?

Would it lead to understanding if we asked the awkward question instead of ignored the elephant?

Would sales go up if we listened twice as much as we spoke?

What do you want? What do you really want? (tip of the cap to Jim Dethmer)

If we restated what we heard, would it be a waste of time? Or an invitation to trust?

Is it true? Can you know for certain it’s true? (hat tip to Byron Katie)

Would more questions lead to confusion? Chaos? Clarity?

Are we certain we’re right? What if there’s another perspective? What if there’s another way?

What if we used our words more carefully? Listened more intently? Insisted on being right less frequently?

Would we have deeper trust? Stronger partnerships? Better teams?

I’m not certain, but I’m certainly curious, what do you think?

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