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Money and Success Won’t Fix Your Problems

Money and success won’t fix your problems.  They’ll only amplify who you are.

This is a concept that Brooke and I have wrestled with for a while.  We have had terrible financial years and good financial years.  For much of my career, I mistakenly thought that once we achieved a certain status, or once I hit a six figure income, or once we bought a certain house, I would turn into an incredibly generous person and our problems would go away.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Having more simply amplifies and highlights who I already am.

I want to build a huge business.  I want to make a significant amount of money.  I want to be part of the movement bettering culture in the marketplace.  These things in themselves aren’t wrong,  they’re actually great goals.  But I’m a fool if I think that once I hit them, my problems will melt away and I will be satisfied.

That’s not the case.  And in reality, those things will shine a brighter spotlight into who I am today.

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