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Monday’s Mantra

No one would draft Monday first in a fantasy week draft. Or put another way, as one of our kids said this morning on the way to school, “Monday’s suck.”

They certainly can be pretty sucky.

But while they fall way short of a Friday, the facts remain…

Monday will occupy roughly 14% of your life.

Monday accounts for 20% of a typical work week.

Monday doesn’t really know it’s Monday, it’s us that bring the head trash to it.

So instead of wishing it away, complaining about it, or reminding it about how bad it sucks (all things I’ve done plenty), what if we reframed Monday:

  • Monday, you look like a built in rhythm to start fresh.
  • Monday, others will keep hating you, but I’ll get after it today and forge ahead a little more.
  • Monday, I’m sorry for all the times I talked trash to you. I’ll be better, starting today.
  • Monday, I’m done wasting 14% of my life in criticism and complaint.
  • Monday, will you help me? I’m ready to see you a little differently.

It’s easy to get hyped for Friday. Maybe we need a bit more of a mantra for Monday. To not only get through it, but to embrace it.

Monday, let’s do this.

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