“What are you aware of,” she asked as I half-sat, half-sunk into the comfortable, familiar chair.

Not the formal living room type of chair, stuffy and firm. But more like the one you’ve had for decades and put in the basement, just because you can’t get rid of it.

It’s been broken in over the years through conversation and commiseration.

“What am I aware of….” I asked in response to her question, to give me time to process what it was that I was actually aware of.

“That’s an amazing opening question,” I continued, to buy myself more time.

“I think it’s what I’m UNaware of that’s actually more concerning…” there I went again.

In the floundering few seconds, I realized how busy, full and frantic my mind was, a common scene for the story of my life.

I walked in carrying a whirlwind of the world’s worries, and it took some time to slow it all down.

The chair enveloped me, I took a big, deep breath, and got into the moment.

“I’ve become more and more aware of….” I finally began, leaning into what had been showing up for me, what experiences I was having, and where awareness was growing, even ever so slightly.

Even in that moment.

“OK…good…” she counseled, after patiently hearing my process to finally present.

Our days are filled with a million little moments.

Projects. Conversations. Texts. Activities. Errands. Emails.

Each moment, once in a lifetime.

Each moment, mundane yet miraculous.

Each moment, soon to become history we may regret or cherish.

Each moment, ones we’ve feared or anticipated before it arrived.

These million little moments will pass right by us regardless, but especially if our minds are a million miles away. Disconnected from the very place we find our feet on firm ground.

This. Right here. What’s directly in front of you. Living more and more into the present. Becoming more and more aware of this moment.

I doodled this in the little notebook by our bed a few weeks ago…


Be in the moment.

Maybe I should get it tattooed on forehead. Because my mind is incredibly forgetful.

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