A Story (and Podcast) About My Friend, Mike Farag

A Story (and Podcast) About My Friend, Mike Farag.

I got there a few minutes before he did.

“Back right corner” – I texted to say where I was in the breakfast spot.

At the table, there was a chair across from me, and one on the side next to me.

He chose to sit next to me. Of course he did.

We hadn’t seen each other in years, so we bypassed the BS quickly.

Before the second cup of coffee was even filled, it felt like I’d unloaded a carafe full of concerns on him.

Personal struggles, business challenges, deep insecurities.

Mike gets it. He’s walked all of those roads, pointing out the stepping stones and potential pitfalls.

He’s big-hearted, and full of creating Fervor in KC, and across the globe.

Here are three things you should know about Mike:

  • Driven to Create Impact: more than profits and paychecks, Mike measures his work through impact. And it’s massive.
  • Voice of Clarity: he has the gift of cutting through the noise, reducing the clutter, and getting to the heart of an issue. He’s done it for me.
  • Chase Big Questions: through chasing something that proved to be an illusion and hollow, he’s now reoriented his entire life towards chasing the bigger, deeper questions.

Thanks for sitting next to me, in friendship.


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